Sophie Cat with Discs


Cats like things their own way - they do stuff when they like, how they like and at their own pace. This is why we love them - it's their independent streak.


During toilet training cats are likely to progress at different paces depending on their differing natures. This isn't a problem unless their differences are great, in which case some cats might need a little more help. That's why we've developed Doogie's MultiKatKit.



The MultiKatKit (a kit for multiple cats - geddit?) consists of additional training discs that smooth out the transitions from Red... to Amber... to Green... to removing the LITTER KWITTER altogether (see how it works).

They are basically additional Amber and Green discs with different sized holes. These help slower learners keep up with the faster ones and can help more nervous felines overcome their fears.

Also, we all know individual cats aren't usually stubborn (???!), but if yours is one of these rare creatures then the MultiKatKit can help with these too! It's like having more gears in your car - your cat won't notice the changes quite as much when they're picking up speed.


mkk packNaročilo

Please Note:
the MultiKatKit can only be used in conjunction with the Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System (sold separately).


Thanks to Angie Davidson for use of pictures of her beautiful toilet-trained Bengal
'Sophie Cat'

See more of her here



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