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Preberite si članek, ki so ga objavili v reviji MLADINA.


Litter Kwitter, originalen, svetovno znan vadbeni pripomoček za navajanje mačk na straniščno školjko, je v hipu obnorel svet. Mačke po celem svetu so se začele zavzemati za to, da se njihovi lastniki znebijo umazanih in zaudarjajočih posod z mačjim peskom.

Predstavnik za stike z javnostmi izdelka Litter Kwitter, Doogie, je prvi diplomant po tem sistemu vadbe in tisti, ki je pomagal izpopolniti tehniko vadbe. Kakorkoli... morda pa še ne veste tega, da lahko po istem sistemu vadbe naučimo uporabljati straniščno školjko skoraj vsakega mačka - z izdelkom Litter Kwitter. Dokazni material si lahko ogledate tukaj v galeriji slik.


Mački so geniji... kar vam lahko pove vsak maček - če ste le pripravljeni prisluhniti. V kolikor ste potrpežljivi in dosledni lahko tudi vaš maček kmalu postane izurjen za uporabo straniščne školjke.

Tukaj je nekaj pričevanj "razsvetljenih" ljudi o izdelku Litter Kwitter:

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toilet train cat

From: Tania

Sent: 03 March 2009 10:26

To: Litter Kwitter Enquiries

Subject: Great product

lucky toilet trained

Dear Litter Kwitter,

Lucky only has three legs, and is still willing and able to use the Litter Kwitter. Lucky had his right front leg removed by a vet after he was thrown from a moving vehicle when he was about six weeks old. He fully recovered following his surgery and is now locked in a struggle for the affections of his mother with our four-month-old son. We've had a number of litter-related 'accidents' with Lucky over the years, but he seems to be adapting well to using a real toilet.

Dennis and Tania

Blacktown, Sydney

Multiple Cat Success!!
I’m very pleased to announce that both my cats (Lucy age 8 and Clyde age 9) have been successfully using the toilet for over a month now!! We have even gone as far as to throw our old £70 litter house away. After only 8 weeks our household has become a litter free zone. Thanks to the Litter Kwitter now there is a queue for the loo. Thanks again Litter Kwitter, your system has been like a breath of fresh air!

Kaz G
Manchester, UK






clyde toilet trained

toilet train cat lucy






toilet train cat streisand

Post it note

From: Danielle Bellew
Sent: Friday, 9 July 2010 2:56 PM
To: enquiries@litterkwitter.com
Subject: Kwitter Kweery


I just have to tell you how impressed I am with this product.  I was of course skeptical but we live in a small apartment and I am so sick of my bathroom stinking from the litter box.  So I thought what the heck.  We have nothing to lose.  Not only am I amazed at the results but we've had so much fun doing it.  I have a seven year old boy and it has been a very fun positive event for all of us. 

I certainly wasn't expecting such fast results.  This product is amazing.  Thank you for creating it.  My bathroom does not smell anymore.  YAY!! 

Sincerely a happy cat and a happy mom.

Danielle, St. Augustine, Florida, USA


From: josh robertson
Sent: Sunday, 6 December 2009 1:17 AM
To: enquiries@litterkwitter.com
Subject: Kitten trained


Good Day, I have just finished training a kitten, and the system worked great!!! I started him at 9 weeks old, one week red two weeks orange and last geen for a week. I thought this was very fast results for a kitten of two and a half months he is completly done at 3months old What is the the youngest age you have heard about??? We are so proud of Loki, I have had other cats but this is the first time with the litter kwitter, and when I got him I new he was smart enoght to train.. thank you so much for your product. Josh


puddy 2puddy

From: garth & iris mcdonald
Sent: 21 June 2009 19:29
To: enquiries@litterkwitter.com
Subject: Kwitter Kweery


hello from kiwi land, I live in Timaru south island of NZ my daughter fiona gave me a litter kwitter for xmas, for my 4yr old burmese. I started it, and after several weeks, he is now fully toilet trained, as he was a big boy, he didnt like the amber stage, so I moved him to the green stage and all went well he is so clever. We went away for 5days to Wanaka, left puddy looking after the house, and he used the toilet all the time. all I did on return was rush to look to see if he had been a good boy then I flushed, and rewarded him. he is such a great burmese. thankyou for this chance to tell viewers of my sucess


From: Arlington1971
Sent: 18 March 2009 10:49
To: enquiries@litterkwitter.com
Subject: Our Cat Sadie....Fully Trained! Pic included


Litter kwitter - My fiance had a cat trained years ago and insisted if we got a cat, he would train it to go in the toilet. Well, I looked on line and bought the "cheaper" "other" companies product that you manually cut holes in it. Bad thing was you cannot uncut what you have already cut.

I then ordered your product and we were able to take steps back if needed by changing sizes. Took 8 months to train our 4 year old cat, but it was worth the wait.

It was more difficult to get people trained to put the trays back, leave the lid in the right position, bow to the cat if she was in there, all the necessary steps.

Sadie Cat is still shy, and like people, likes her own privacy. You should recommend to people to tell everyone who visit or lives there to NEVER shoo the cat out of the bathroom. If the cat is in the bathroom, tiptoe away. Do you have a training kit to get my cat to make my bed for me? Let me know, I'm in.

Thank you,
Very Happy Customers,
Betty-Jo & Jon and Sadie Cat - Massachusetts, USA

toilet train cat silver

-----Original Message-----
From: Stephanie Roush
Sent: Tuesday, 1 June 2010 2:00 PM
To: enquiries@litterkwitter.com
Subject: Kwitter Kweery


Hi there! Wasn't sure where to send this but I just wanted to send a quick thank you email. I know you must get a lot of them, but I couldn't help myself.

This weekend I just moved Kitty to step three of the Litter Kwitter system. She is 11 years old and loves the training! Her eyes light up every time she goes correctly and I can tell she loves the extra praise and treats she gets from me. This experience has really strengthened our bond, which I would not have thought possible. I rescued her back in 2004 and we have been stuck together like glue ever since. But now, our communication has improved so much in our body language and even now we can read each other just by our eyes. 
Plus, bonus: my home is so clean and without the litter it's fresher smelling!

I have already saved more money than I spent on the system in cat litter alone. This is an amazing product and has actually changed our lives! I still have a half bag of litter left and am so happy to never have to buy another bag again!!

From, Stephanie & Kitty :)


CONGRATULATIONS to my two Chocolate Burmese Lads!

This morning I went the whole hog and removed the green disk; not planned, I just did it.
10 minutes later two solid presents.
Extra special treats tonight, boys.



toilet train cat binditoilet train cat binbibruv

From: Michael Fry
Sent: 30 March 2009 19:02
To: enquiries@litterkwitter.com
Subject: Litter Kwitter


We have two Tonkinese cats brother and sister both of them kwitters, that’s not to say there were no accidents along the way, but they are perfect sitters now its much cleaner being free from the litter hassles.

Regards, Michael P Fry
ROF Consulting (Aust) Pty Ltd

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LK Success where book failed!

"I first tried toilet training the cats 3 years ago using a method I had read about in a book. My older cat, Darwin, ...never grasped the concept that he was supposed to balance on the toilet seat -- he would just hunker down in the pan I had set inside the toilet. The younger cat, Chaplin, had much better balance, but absolutely HATED the entire process... began pooping on the floor... I gave up at that point and went back to the litter box. Cats 1, Owner 0.

Earlier this year ...stumbled across an advertisement for the LK... after a month I can say that the LK is working out MUCH better! ... already I can say that this method has been much more successful and less stressful than before. So, if you've used another method before, don't be afraid to try again."


EG Murrell

toilet train cat billy

Monstar is an unknown aged (maybe 4) little tortiseshell/tri-colour nutbag little cat. She's not too bright, but is a great ninja.

After 5 weeks on the LK, she's on the loo and even races us to it some days. She's got no problem with it.

For a year we tried to train her away from the box via a book and another aid, she just laughed and ignored it.

The LK did the trick. Thank you for making it so I don't have to step on thrown about litter anymore!

Red stage: 1 week.
Amber stage: 2 weeks
Green stage: 2 weeks


Aimizuki, July 2009


Dear Jo/Litter Kwitter info, “I just wanted to email you back to say that your advice has been followed through - and it’s worked brilliantly!!!!! Billy is back to doing #1 &#2's in the toilet.

Thanks greatly”
Linde, Sweden

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Away with the smell!

"Since I last wrote, Zoloft and I have moved from Sweden to Belgium and I'm happy to tell you that Zoloft is now 100% fully trained.

No more smell of poo! Yeah!"


Floffi, Belgium


Litter Kwitter Graduates

(some photos from happy folks with fragrant & clean homes!)

tip: hold mouse over images to make them bigger

toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat
  toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat  
toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat
  toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat  
toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat
  toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat  
toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat
  toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat   toilet train cat  


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No litter? No problemo!!

"Tspin started LK on March 5th, today is the 31st and he is on green with no litter and has never had an accident or gone anywhere else. I love my cat *and* my LK!!!"
Crissa, NJ, USA

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Quick learner story - 7 WEEKS !

“I can proudly and happily state, that the Litter Kwitter was the best investment I have made to date.
Keep going to anyone reading that is still going through the stages and to anyone reading that is thinking about purchasing the LK - I say do it."

Tully, Australia

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Oliver has graduated!

"Yes, ...my cat Oliver has finally graduated to using a regular toilet... I now have a litter free and fresh smelling home.
I also enjoy "cleaning" up after him, a simple tug on the water and the loo is fresh and nice again."

Nene, Sweden

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“My Russian Blue boy Misha has been using the LK for about 12 weeks, and I was despairing of ever getting him past the green stage. Took the LK off the toilet yesterday to see if he was ready this time and in the wee small hours of this morning I heard tinkles and plops into the water of the toilet bowl. Yay! My cat is a genius!”

Mishakid, NZ

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"Thanks for inventing such a wonderful device and allowing us to have a cat without the mess. You have just brought pet ownership closer for so many who were put off by litter! Well done and good on you”

Piglet and Family xox

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I'm off to do some shopping today and am inspired to bring Uggy into the 21st century! I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Congratulations on a great idea by the way, whether it works for Uggy or not, I think it’s a brilliant concept.
Kaz & Uggy,

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2 months now and NO litter! We're Kwitters!

I never thought I could do it when we started, but 7 weeks later I did. I am so glad I went through the early pain and effort; it's smashing. I am saving over £8 a week on cat litter!

Nelly, UK


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"We purrchased the Litter Kwitter... and this past week Kuki is fully potty trained!!! We could not be happier... we recommend this product to every cat owner!!!

Andrea G, Hamburg






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